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Improving and Enhancing our Natural Environment

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Improving and Enhancing our Natural Environment

Improving and Enhancing our Natural Environment

It’s essential that everyone in the West Midlands has access to clean air, clean water and places to be active. How our natural environment is integrated into the way we live and work has a direct impact on the health and prosperity of the region.

We're ambitious around plans to address climate change, resource efficiency and protection of our environment. We’re investing thousands of pounds through a Community Green Grants scheme to fund projects that restore and enhance our local spaces.

View our Natural Environment Plan to learn more about the work we're doing with regional partners.

There are excellent initiatives taking place within local authorities across the region:

  • Future Parks are improving attitudes towards green spaces in Birmingham and making green spaces a big part of children’s education
  • Wildlife Ways are creating natural spaces across Solihull hat are designed for both wildlife and people to enjoy

We’re also doing our bit to help protect our precious natural resources.


A new kind of national park

The West Midlands National Park project is one of the big ideas that we’re supporting. This is a fresh concept that will connect green spaces across the region, and result in giving people healthier and greener places to live and work.

It’s an ambitious project, but one we’re eagerly pursuing through collaborations with Birmingham City University and other partner organisations as a core part of our push for a net zero carbon economy.

Building a virtual forest

Did you know that just 1% of our region is currently covered by trees? In order to achieve our environmental goals, we need that to be 13%. This equates to more than 4 million trees - one tree planted for each resident - being planted over the coming years.

That’s why we’ve introduced the West Midlands Virtual Forest, encouraging members of the public, community groups, businesses and schools to record the trees they plant. Alongside advice on what species to choose and how to protect young trees, we’re also helping landowners identify suitable locations for tree planting projects.