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Reducing Energy Poverty

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Reducing Energy Poverty

Reducing Energy Poverty

1 in 10 households across the West Midlands can’t afford to heat their homes, with an income that’s outweighed by the price of energy.

This is a problem known as ‘energy poverty’ - combatting this is a core part of our promise to ensure nobody is left behind as we work towards our target of a net zero carbon economy by 2041.

Through Energy Capital we’re helping to secure and distribute the investment required to retrofit homes across the region with more energy-efficient heating. This means lower costs for the people who live there, as well as thousands of local jobs for those involved in delivering this programme.

Helping people help themselves

While we put this plan into place, we’re actively working with people to keep their bills as low as possible. If you’re struggling to keep your home warm or know someone who needs help, download our 5 tips for sustainable living.